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Tone Woods

  Today we see many non traditional woods (cherry, walnuts, sycamore etc. being used and many domestic to the area where the instrument was built as compared to the past with the majority of woods being used were the exotics ( rosewood, mahogany, koa etc. from other countries.There are a variety of tonewood suppliers offering it all from domestic to the most  sought after exotics that are still available. With that being said I will continue to say that the the tonewoods used on any custom built instrument should be and usually is a customer preference.

 Instrument Sizes & Models



   Instrument  sizes vary in acoustic guitar from "0" to Jumbo as you can see on the different  site pages. Electric guitar sizes are from Solid Bodies to Arch Tops. Custom sizes and shapes are not rare

Resonators (dobro) are still 3 sizes -- R, M, D, and L

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